For which services can I obtain a loan?

MediCredit issues loans for specific purposes to finance different health services and medical procedures from dental care to reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, in vitro fertilisation, removal of varicose veins, bariatric surgeries and laser eye surgeries.

How big are the loan amounts?

MediCredit issues loans in the amounts from 150 to 10 000 euros.

Which is the repayment period?

Regardless of the chosen amount of loan, repayment may be implemented within the period of time suitable for you starting from 3 months to 4 years.

How long does it take to receive a reply to my application?

A reply to a loan application can be received fast, usually within a couple of hours.

How is the money transferred?

The amount of loan is transferred directly to the medical institution by the lender. The medical institution issues an invoice for the medical service(s) rendered and the invoice is paid by MediCredit. It means that the loan may only be used in order to pay for medical procedures and health services and use of the loan for purposes other than the intended is precluded.

How can I use the amount of loan?

The amount of loan may be used either by paying for the service immediately in the beginning of treatment or after the completion thereof by an agreement with the health service provider. By paying the entire amount in the beginning of the treatment procedure, the loan repayment may be also started earlier and therefore the assumed loan obligation can be performed faster. If the price of the treatment procedure exceeds the maximum amount of loan offered by MediCredit (6000 euros), with the exception of special agreements, the exceeding amount should be paid by you and treated as self-financing.

Which medical institutions may I use?

There are no limits concerning the medical institutions. You can choose the medical institution based on your preferences, location of the medical institution and the prices of the offered health services. The cooperation partners of MediCredit can be found here.

The loan issued by MediCredit OÜ is a financial obligation. Before applying for a loan please consider your financial capabilities and the period during which the loan can be repaid. Carefully consider your decision, examine the terms and conditions and, if necessary, consult with our specialist who will find the best solution for you. E.g. when borrowing 1200 euros for 48 months, the interest is 13.51% from the loan balance per year, contribution 0%, contract fee 0 euros, total amount of payments 1560 euros, payment in monthly annuity payments 32.50 euros per month. The annual percentage rate of charge is 14.4%.